Orla Kiely Biography

Launched in the 1990's, when fashion was black and conceptual, Orla Kiely provided a fresh perspective through her use of color and pattern. Over the following decade, her collection has grown to include a complete woman’s wear line, accessories, travel and homeware.

The world of Orla Kiely is one where color, pattern, graphic control and texture come together in a harmonious way. Kiely is regarded for her unique and immediately recognizable design language, developed through graphic patterns that celebrate her optimistic spirit. As down-to-earth as her designs are popular, the key to what drives Kiely is her fixation on the evolution of a signature style, devotion to quality and practicality.

Alongside her continuous dedication to design, for which she is highly respected as a world class innovator, Kiely also manages her proud position as acting professor to the Royal College of Art as well as numerous projects across the globe such as Orla Kiely Paper and bespoke collaborations for the Tate museums. Such continuous commitment and hard work to the design and fashion industry has been recognized by a number of international awards over the years, most significantly the prestigious Gold Export award.

Born and raised in Dublin and based in London for many years, Kiely is fiercely loyal to all that she does. Her fresh and unique approach to creativity is inspiring to all those who have the pleasure to work with her.

Coming this February, Target and Kiely will launch the exclusive limited-time only Orla Kiely for Target collection of home dcor products. Her unique Target collection seamlessly toes the line between colorfully cheeky and down-to-earth practical, making the assortment timeless and just, well, happy.
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