Target Offers a Handpicked Selection of Fresh Produce, Meat and Baked Goods in Select PFresh Stores

Target listened to its guests, who requested more fresh food and produce at low prices. Now, an expanded selection of the freshest grocery offerings is available at select general merchandise Target PFresh stores nationwide. Other guest favorites and Target-exclusive items that will be found include the Archer Farms premium food collection, which offers an array of delicious foods and flavor combinations that will delight all home chefs. Families who demand freshness, value and quality will also find a full range of items from our owned brand, Market Pantry, for well-stocked kitchens.
Target piloted this new expanded food format in 2008 at two existing stores in Minnesota.  Based on the program’s success, Target began testing the new layout at several other locations across the country in early 2009 and continues to open more throughout 2010.
The expanded food layout includes an open-market grocery layout, creating an environment that provides greater awareness of food at Target and clearly defines this area of the store as food. The expanded food layout features a 50 to 200 percent increase in food over what existed prior to the remodels.  While the area dedicated to food is larger, the overall square footage of the store is only slightly larger than the typical general merchandise prototype—ideally 135,000 square feet.
A Lot of Choices for Very Little
New food additions include items that are on Target guests’ shopping lists every week, such as bananas, strawberries and bagged lettuce; ground beef, chicken and pork; baked goods and dairy. The stores also offer a dry, dairy and frozen assortment and convenience foods such as snacks and beverages.
Do More in One Store
The expanded fresh food selection offers families the best attributes of grocery shopping in the convenience of their local Target store. Busy guests can pick up a handpicked selection of fresh food during midweek errand running, allowing them to complete all their shopping in one trip.
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